6 Reasons To Choose Disposable Lab Coats

If you’ve taken some time to browse the pages of our website, you’ve probably figured out that we specialize in disposable lab coats for adults and children. It’s possible that this is the first time you’ve ever realized that there were multiple types of lab coats in the world.

In the times that you’ve interacted with professionals who wear lab coats, such as doctors, surgeons, and scientific professionals, it’s highly likely that these garments were made of white fabric. While cloth lab coats are probably the most popular for public-facing scientists and physicians, they’re certainly not the only ones utilized in laboratories.

Disposable lab coats, much like the ones we offer here at Makerspace Lab, are used by real scientists and medical researchers all the time. Keep reading to learn more about why scientists and doctors choose plastic, single-use lab coats in their official capacities, and why you too should think about choosing them for your next maker event or science-themed party.

Why Scientists Choose Disposable Lab Coats

The short answer to why scientists often prefer disposable lab jackets is: safety. Without the utmost attention to safety and hygiene rules, scientists and their work are in jeopardy.

1. Prevents Chemical Mixtures And Limits Flammability

Just like in your kitchen, spills are inevitable in a lab. But instead of finger paint, it could be a vial of blood or a volatile chemicals. In certain instances, the accidental mixing of two substances can result in poisonous gas or even a fire. “By wearing a new, disposable lab coat every time they enter the lab, technicians reduce the risk of accidentally choosing a lab coat that has not been washed, or has not been washed thoroughly enough to remove flammable materials,” explains AAA Wholesale.

2. Prevents The Spread Of Contagions

In an industrial research lab, the safety risk is chemicals and flammability, but in a medical research lab, the substance in that fragile vial could be bodily fluids that are infected with contagious disease. In these cases, it’s necessary to ensure that not one molecule of the contagion makes it out of the lab. When you throw away your lab coat after every work session, it’s much easier to contain hazardous substances!

3. Prevents Sample Contamination

Fabric coats are reusable, yes, but it’s nearly impossible to be sure that hints of detergent, fabric softeners, bleach, and other substances have been completely rinsed away. When working in a sterile environment, these normally benign substances become dangerous contaminants. Many scientists feel that the only way to be assured of sterility is to use a new disposable lab coat each and every time.

Disposable lab coats for young scientists from Makerspace Lab!

Why YOU Should Choose Disposable Lab Coats

Of course, our disposable lab coats are a little different than the ones used by real scientists and medical researchers in actual lab environments. But that doesn’t mean they’re devoid of benefits! Teachers, parents, makers, and others choose our disposable lab jackets because they’re:

4. Affordable

We sell our disposable plastic lab coats in packs of 10 so that you can be sure to provide a high quality product without breaking the bank.

5. Reusable

Because you’ll likely be using your lab coats to protect clothing from paint, water, dirt, and other common substances, it’s possible to use them more than once before disposing…an even better value!

6. Easy To Clean

If you do want to use your disposable lab jackets more than once, simply wipe them down with a cloth that’s been dampened with a little soapy water. Voila! They’re good as new and ready to be used again.

Ready to give our cute, disposable lab coats a try? We have affordable options for both children and adults, so everyone can look–and feel!–like a real scientist no matter what kind of lab they’re working in. Shop now!