March For Science – April 22, 2017

The March For Science, to be held on April 22, 2017, is gathering momentum.  Momentum is ‘mass in motion’ and this is certainly what is expected to occur on Saturday, April 22, at the National Mall in Washington DC and over 430+ satellite towns and cities across America.

March For Science April 22, 2017 #ScienceMarch

Part of the Earth Day celebrations, March For Science is a bid in human numbers to stand up against the government’s blueprint budget cuts to large federal science agencies.  The DOE (Department of Energy), EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) are among them. 


Adam Savage Joining March for Science

March For ScienceMark you calendars for April 22Many scientific organizations and people with high public attention are partnering with March For Science. They want to add their voices to the throng.   Adam Savage, the former host of Mythbusters will be marching in San Francisco.  He is also a keynote speaker at the rally.  He has spoken of his call for us to “demand evidence-based policy and the cessation of silencing of scientific data that goes against government policy”.

AAAS (American Association For The Advance Of Science) the world’s largest general scientific organization are partnering with March For Science.   They are encouraging and supporting their members to actively take part in the march. 

The call is to pressure the government to make sure they use evidence-based policymaking,  involving all disciplines of science.

March for Science Takes a Political Twist

American Scientist ran an article on their website by Megan Halpern, an Assistant Professor at Lymes Briggs College. She says that ‘ Science is political: It always has been and always will be.  The political nature of science is even more important when our experiences of it are matters of life and death’.

Sherry Pagoto, a professor at the University of Massachusets Medical School wrote an impassioned article in She spoke about the March For Science being an opportunity for scientists to engage the public with a show and tell of how scientists are using public tax dollars.  According to Ms. Patogo, The Pew Research Center said that 51% of scientists have never spoken with the media about their work. Even less so on social media.  Yes, I agree we need to make it known what amazing advancements science has given the public.  Our younger generations need to be inspired to make careers of understanding, developing and hopefully assisting our planet and its people.  But will the March do that, and how?  It is said to be more of a political shout to the government. To halt the denial of what the messages and data scientists are showing them about the reality of climate change.

We know the importance of science, not only for the education of our young. But to each and every one of us.   We shall be attending the rally for the March For Science in Santa Cruz.  

March For Science Santa Cruz #ScienceMarch


March For Science Earth Day 2017 #ScienceMarchWe will keep you posted on March For Science news. And how the rally shapes up and what the takeaway will be from it.  Sign up to Twitter  and Facebook to keep in touch.  If you want to let us know about your March For Science then post on our Facebook page or contact us.