A Peek Inside A School Science Fair

Recently, West Rockhill Elementary hosted their very first Spring Into Science Fair! 

Makerspace Lab Coats Science Fair

The school science fair was for elementary students, K-5 which is about 400 students, and their parents. They hosted separate sessions for K-2 grade and 3rd grade- 5th grade.

The School Science Fair

For the setup, they elected to have three different stations. The first station was set up in the cafeteria, which had a presenter from The Franklin Institute Science Museum talk about inquiry and the scientific method.

spring into science planetarium
inside the inflatable planetarium

The next station was held in the gym.  Inside was the large, inflatable star lab planetarium.  It helped the students to gain better understanding and wonder of astronomy.


disposable lab coats
The inflatable planetarium











Beside the planetarium was a science photo booth.  And the hugely successful laboratory of making of H2O molecules using marshmallows and pretzel sticks.  A school science fair would just not be right without something made out of marshmallows!

Lastly, the students had the opportunity to be a scientist by observing different science experiments. They had 7 tables set-up in the hallway. Each led by the school’s teachers. The children were excited to be witnessing experiments and demonstrations. Such as; Erupting Rainbows, Sugar Density Rainbow, Create Your Own Slime, Tornado in a Bottle, How to Cool a Drink Quickly, Making A Rain Cloud, and the Unbreakable Egg.

Each student had the opportunity to rotate to two different experiment tables. The teachers taught the science behind each experiment and conducted the experiments for the students to observe. The school told us, ‘We ensured that the students were safe by supplying safety goggles and the Disposable Lab Coats, which were awesome!’ The students at the school science fair were so excited about the disposable lab coats and the teachers allowed the students to take the coats home with them.  We love that our children’s lab coats were part of the inspiration for the students at the science fair.  Wearing a disposable lab coat and witnessing and being involved in science experiments seems to fire up children’s imagination.  Putting on the right gear and dressing the part is fun. And it also makes the idea of being a scientist, or maker, more real to their inspired minds.

The students enjoyed the science fair so much that a teacher overheard one of the students say, “This is so much better than a toy store!” Overall, West Rockhill promoted that there really is a scientist in each and every one of us!