STEM Teacher Training

STEM Teacher Training with Lab Coat

STEM Teacher Training Two or three times a year, approximately 300-400 teachers gather to take part in a workshop that supports early learning professionals to provide quality education called Early Achievers.  The University of Washington ordered some of our Makerspace Lab disposable lab coats to use as a demonstration in a hands-on workshop for the…read more

Bottle Bubbler Science Experiment

Finished bottle bubbler with Makerspace Lab Coats

Learn how to do a bottle bubbler science experiment at your children’s science birthday party, for a rainy day boredom stopper or a homeschool project. Children can be very easily, and cheaply, entertained with just a few everyday items you may have around the house…and to big effect. Do you want a fun way for…read more

STEM Occupations are More Than Just Professionals in Science Lab Coats

STEM occupations are growing at 17 percent while other occupations are growing at just under 10 percent. STEM degree holders have a higher income than non-STEM careers and these very same careers play a vital role in our economy. It is quite clear that STEM education creates critical thinkers, enables generations of innovators and leads to…read more

A Peek Inside A School Science Fair

Science Fairs with Kids Makerspace Lab Coats

Recently, West Rockhill Elementary hosted their very first Spring Into Science Fair!  The school science fair was for elementary students, K-5 which is about 400 students, and their parents. They hosted separate sessions for K-2 grade and 3rd grade- 5th grade. The School Science Fair For the setup, they elected to have three different stations. The first station was…read more

March For Science – April 22, 2017

Science is Real Poster March For Science #ScienceMarch

The March For Science, to be held on April 22, 2017, is gathering momentum.  Momentum is ‘mass in motion’ and this is certainly what is expected to occur on Saturday, April 22, at the National Mall in Washington DC and over 430+ satellite towns and cities across America. Part of the Earth Day celebrations, March For…read more

Science Party Sugar Cookie Recipe

  If you want to delight your science party guests then have some fun making these themed science party sugar cookies.  You can decorate them yourself or get your party guests to lend a hand. Use science cookie cutters to make glass beakers and astoms and shape your own periodic table cookie symbols.  Sugar Cookie…read more

Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

The Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 is an exciting, family-friendly event held in San Mateo, California. Held over three days. Friday to Sunday. May 19th-21. People of all ages gather to play and have fun in creative zones where you can watch live demos, exchange ideas and experience amazing innovation.  However you and your family…read more