White Lab Coats Protection at Home or Work

Makerspace Lab White Lab Coat Large Size
Makerspace Lab White Lab Coat – Large Size

White lab coats do a great job in the lab, but they are handy at home and in the classroom too. Keep our disposable lab coats handy to protect your clothes when doing those messy projects like painting or cleaning. Don’t be afraid to help your children with their paint, glitter and glue craft projects either. Makerspace Lab coats won’t let liquids or glue soak through. You can throw them out when they are done, but they can also be wiped off for more than one use.

The coats have elastic sleeves and snap up front, and have a pocket. They are designed to drop to above the knee. Coats come in of 10. When you place your order, it will ship from Amazon right to your front door for a hassle-free delivery guaranteed. For more information about our available lab coat options, or with any questions and concerns, feel free to contact us today.


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Lab Coat Cautions

Lab Coat Marker Experiment
Lab Coat Marker Experiment

Currently, we only have one size – men’s large. Adult small and medium size coats are on order and should arrive May 2017. You can write on the coats with markers. If allowed to dry just a couple of seconds, the makers will not smug. See the photo for an example. Note, the coats will protect you against splashes but are not designed to use with harsh chemicals. The protective coating will melt near a direct flame and peel off if you apply tape and then try to remove it.  

If you are looking for children size lab coats, we have those too. Shop here.