Need Lab Coats for Kids?

Makerspace Lab Child Lab Coats for Kids DisposableWe have lab coats for kids!  In 2015, we were looking for cheap lab coats for science birthday parties, and we couldn’t find any. We could see on Pinterest that Mom’s were using expensive $20 cotton lab coats and that is just too expensive for most families, so we went to the factory and had child size lab coats made just like we wanted.

Makerspace Lab coats have elastic sleeves to keep cuffs clean and arms protected. They snap up the front and have a handy waist pocket. These lab coats for kids are great for protecting against glue, paint, and more, your little scientist can explore the science world and discover how fun science can be with a perfectly-fitting white lab coat.

Maybe you are designing a fun lesson plan in the classroom, or you are hosting the best science party of the year, no matter the occasion, our affordable disposable white lab coats are sure to keep your kids safe and dry for hours of endless fun and learning. Available in economical packs of 10. Protection has never been this easy.

And when your party is done? Everyone has an exciting party favor to take home and enjoy on their own.

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Lab Coats Details

Sizes range from extra-small to large and are designed to fit your child perfectly. Our disposable coats are made of a polypropylene/polyethylene blend making every coat breathable and comfortable for all your guests. Our customers tell us that coats can be used more than once, just keep them away from tape!  Perfect for the classroom, or at home, these lab coats are an affordable and practical option for all your science needs.

Lab Coat Marker Experiment
Lab Coat Marker Experiment

When you place your order, it will ship from Amazon right to your front door for a hassle-free delivery guaranteed. For more information about our available lab coat options, or with any questions and concerns, feel free to contact us today.

You can write on the coats and decorate them with glue and glitter too. If you use stickers or tape, they are not removable. All of the markers tested did not smear as long as you give them just a couple of seconds to dry.

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