The Maker Movement in education is growing exponentially. Teachers are finding little corners or whole rooms to build their own Makerspaces. Kids love the opportunity to make, build, sew, experiment and learn.  Simultaneously, educators are focusing on helping kids develop their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills (STEM).  Consequently, employers are working with schools and community colleges to increase the number of students who are eligible to start STEM careers.

Makerspace Lab brings these two interests together by providing Makerspace resources, Maker classroom projects, technology and engineering lesson plans. To enable these we provide Maker school supplies. We list school grant opportunities and the worldwide Maker Faire events calendar. With our white lab coats for kids and adults, we aim to make it a little bit easier for schools to create their own Makerspaces.

Founder: Doreen M. O’Donovan

Doreen O'Donovan

“The need for humans to make and create stuff is as old as humankind. Just a few generations ago, everyone made stuff. My grandfather built his house and made furniture. My mother’s mom made clothes, and raspberry jam, and my mother made the latest toys for my cousins and I. Our Dad taught me how to use a jigsaw and cut a seahorse out of plywood. We then painted it and glued sea shells onto it, and nailed it proudly on my wall. I made the poncho and skirt shown here, when I was 11. Now my daughter brews beer, and builds fences and my son built his own dining room table. We are all makers! You can use found items or buy educational products to use.” Doreen O’Donovan.

Fueled by a passion for evolving our children’s education, in 2000 Doreen ran for State Board of Education in Colorado.  Doreen’s campaign was not successful, but undeterred and with a strong desire to improve education on a larger scale, Doreen headed off to the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy for a Masters in Public Policy, with a focus on Education.

Since then she has been working in Santa Clara County, California in the EdTech Space; first for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, then for SchoolCity Inc., SmarterCookie and Calculus Roundtable.

While meeting educators, tweeting and attending conferences and she developed a keen interest in the MakerEd movement.  So, clearly the benefits of these maker spaces were huge. As was the gap in resources. As a result of her findings Makerspace Lab was born to bridge the gap. Now it’s a place where educators and parents can learn more about how to help young people to develop their unique creativity and to provide them with the skills to be Makers while learning key STEM skills in the process. Equally, we help teachers and parents plan science-themed parties and educational events through our collection of resources and lab jackets.

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Makerspace Product In an effort to fund this endeavor, the company started selling disposable lab coats for kids in 2015.  The first shipment sold out in 3 weeks. Doreen realized that there was a huge demand. The company recently added adult size disposable lab coats to their line of products. Makerspace Lab is currently building a store of products to help Makers to forge their own ideas and prototypes.  More products are coming soon. Stay tuned!